Monday, August 9, 2010

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The World We Live In

Well, It has been a while since I blogged. I just haven't had time with finals and all, but now I have two weeks to myself.

So about two months now, my Young Adult Sunday School has been reading this book called "Fatal Distractions." All I can say is WOW. It is talking about how the seven deadly sins are effecting us. We may not think that most of them are about us, but somewhere in them there we are.

So about three weeks ago now, we covered lust. Wo... is what comes to mind. After reading my lesson, I caught up on my listening to The Brickhouse Podcast... you need to subscribe to them if you want some powerful encouraging word for young adults and I think anyone else. So the first one I listened to was Rated R. It was an open forum about questions that Young Adults (YAs) want to know. That was awesome. So then I went to Unprotected Sex. Wow wow WOW! That was sooooo powerful and for me.

As a Christian, I have found it hard to stand up and be different, but within the last five or more years, I have been able to stand and not sit. I have been able to kneel and not fall. Prayer is so important, and I don't feel like people my age and younger understand how powerful it. I know that I had my "Come to Jesus Experience" when I was younger, and I know that I should be thanking God for letting me live through that bus accident. Since I have had that, I know that the least that I can do is say thank you for each and every day. I'm honestly scared for the youth underneath me, I'm scared for my fellow YAs who haven't realized that tomorrow is not promised and they can die two minutes from now. I see the need for a strong youth group and YA ministry, but one person can't do it along.

About three or four weeks ago, I heard on the news where they were offering ELEMENTARY students condoms as long as they talk to a counselor, and they would not tell their parents. First, that is not in God's will, and Second, they are in elementary school. That should not be on their mind. They need to be learning how to read, write and count, not about penis, vagina, and sex. What is this world coming to. God's word says that we are not suppose to have sex outside of marriage. During our Sunday School lesson, our teacher said, "It's like we are prostitute if we have sex outside of marriage," and that got me. Our bodies are not our own. They belong to God, and they were bought with a price. So if He says that we are not suppose to have sexual relationship with anyone outside of a martial covenant of one man and one woman, we are sinning and prostitutes. After reading and applying this lesson to my life, I'm dedicated to doing whats right. In the words of Pastor Tim Ross, "You may be a virgin but you mouth is not one." Its time to be Real.

I pray for the youth and kids under me. They go through a lot and they are my heart. I want to do something that will plant a seed and I think that is what I am doing everyday. I try to live a life that is acceptable to God and that is an example to the youth that look up to me.

That is what has been on my heart and now its on my blog.