Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My P90X Diary

Recently, I have heard a lot of talk about this program called P90X. I heard it was HARD, INTENSE, and a LOT of Work. So I had made up in my mind, that I was going to slowing back away from the program (without starting :) and stick with my gym workout. After a friend of mine had a long conversation with me, I decided what the heck, Lets "Bring It." (One of Tony Horton's Favorite saying.)

So what exactly is P90X? According to BeachBody.com, " The P90X® workout program is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping exercises designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. Your personal trainer, Tony Horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won't believe your results!"
To hear Reviews about P90X go to BeachBody.Com and read some of the testimonies.

I am currently on Day 16... And it can be a challenge to say the least. My body has been hurting, but I have seen some change come in these first 16 days, so I refuse to give up on it now. But I need some help... I need some support and I want to support you. So You keep me posted on your progress with P90X and I will keep you posted on mine.

I'm not bold enough to post my before picture YET, but its coming when I get that confidence.

If you want to post pictures, GO FOR IT!
If you have some tips, POST THEM!
If you have some recipes, POST THEM!
If you are having a hard day, TELL US! We are here to support each other.

I would love to know what equipment you are using and what day you are on also.

I am only using the Resistance bands... BUT I LOVE THEM!

Also sign up for a free coach at BeachBody.com and track your goals on their website also.

My p90x Journey

Recently, I have heard a lot of talk about this program called

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Little Things

"Not Until We Appreciate The Little Things Will We See The Big Picture"

I was on Fall Break today, and I made it family day. I went to surprise my dad at school, which is the elementary and middle school that I attended. It was great to see old teachers and talk to students that he currently has. Then my mother took a half day from work and we had a picnic at the park and went shopping. I'm sad I didn't find anything, but I'm happy that she got everything that she was looking for.

While enjoying my day with my family, I had to stop and count my blessings. So many times, we get lost in the fast pace world that we call life. We forget about others because we are thinking about ourselves. Or forget about ourselves, because we are thinking about our kids. Something has out minds blocked out from focusing on the little things.

As I watching the kids play basketball and seeing my father in his element, I began to think about when I was in middle school... I had it made. I'm was blessed beyond measures. Money had no true value... All we thought about was getting concession (which we called Hawk Treats) on Friday. Teachers reminded us over and over again, when we had an assignment due. Friends would make us mad and we may stop talking for a few hours, but by the time 7th period came we were friends again. Drunk and high had a different meaning, we had "drunk" some good Kool-aid and we wanted to go as high as we could on the swings. The Little Things.

The little things like...
Being able to get up out the bed in the morning

Being able to smile
Being in good health
Being able to speak/hear/see

Having something to eat

Having air to breath

Having rough days to appreciate the great days
The little things...

For me, I just have to say Thanks because I'm content. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm thankful I'm not where I could be.

I could be...






On Medications

Crying Every Night
or Dead...

But I'm not.. I'm here!

I'm breathing, laughing, smiling, joking, and thinking...

So when the little things, become big...You Will Appreciate... The Little Things!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breast Cancer Aweness Month

Breast Cancer has hit home for him a bunch of times in this past year... Thank God for all of my family and friends who are survivors...

Mother Nita... I Miss you
Ms. Barbara... Your smile is still with me
Mrs. Nita... I miss you sooo much!

Looking Beyond The Outside

So many times, we are quick to judge people,
  • By the way they look
  • By the way they act
  • By their beliefs
  • By their religion
  • By ANYTHING....
Yet we wont look at peoples hearts... The MTV Show If You Really Knew Me has been one of my favorites this season. I have tissues ready every time I watch it, because its a show that shows the realness that I strive for in my life. No one is perfect... POINT BLANK. If You Really Knew Me showed me that people who we "think" have a wonderful life, may not. Sometimes I wonder if after challenge day things go back to being the same.

We need to get to the point in our lives when we stop lying to ourselves and start accepting who we are. It's not an easy things.

I struggled with my weight. I live in a world where being plus size is not considered cute nor beautiful. Not until I realized that, I am the way that I am, and I have the right to change it... Nothing was going to change. I have been working hard for the past Seven weeks and now I see change in myself. But not until I took a different look at it, and looked beyond the outside of my body, did I see my true motive. I have the chance right now, while I am young to get to a body weight that will make me happy.

After hearing about the college freshman who killed himself, because his roommate videoed him having sex with a guy, I had to do a quick reality check on myself. Since I believe in Jesus Christ and believe what is written in the Bible, I don't agree with homosexuality. But they are people just like we are... Their feeling get hurt just like our feelings get hurt. THEY ARE PEOPLE. We have things to say about them or people who are different than us... but when you look in yourself... I'm sure there is something that you don't like about yourself, but there is something even better inside of you that makes up for what you don't like. We have to start looking beyond the outside.

If you were to judge me from the outside, you would see my scars, but yet you don't know the story behind my scars. You don't know how many days I hated going to Wal-mart because people would look and stare at me. You don't know that I would go in the bathroom and never turn the light on, because I didn't want to see myself. You don't know that I never wanted to wear make-up because doctors told me from a young age that I need to wear makeup to cover up my scars. You don't know how many times people look at my scars instead of looking me in the eyes. Not until college, did I embrace my scars and love them and smile about them. Now I am able to speak to kids who have scars and they know I know how they feel. Now I am able to see that God choose me because he knew that I could handle it.

Not Until you look beyond the outside... will you see the real person.

My chains may be rusty, but they are strong enough to hold me together.