Saturday, May 21, 2011


Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. As I was having one of my many bathroom-photoshoots last night, I took a picture of my scars. Not necessarily to see them, but to play with angles and to see how the light hit my face. Once I was reviewing the pictures on the computer, emotions hit me. My scars show me where I have been, and I thank God I’m not where I was.

Surgery after surgery to remove/make the scars less visible only remind me of where I have been. I think back to December 16, 1998, and I smile because God allowed me to make it through that day. A little beat up and a little bruised, but still here to smile. So often I want to change things about myself. I want my scars to be gone or have liposuction of the cheeks, stomach, and thighs or cut off my big toe so that I can wear a size 11 shoes instead of 12 since most stores stop at 11. Craziness, I know but it runs through my head at times. Sometimes we just want to have a HUGE pity party, and we don’t want anyone to rain on our party. You may say, “You’re pretty to me,” but I’ll say, “That’s only to you.” Anything you say, I’ll have a comeback for you.
Small things tend to hold me back, and I had to change that quickly. Am I not going to explore the USA because I might have a flat tire? Heck No. That is why you have God and Triple A. Am I not going to fly on plane, because it might crash? Heck No. That’s why my mom and dad taught me how to pray and TRUST God. Plus if I know, I know I’m going to Heaven. Am I not going to learn how to swim because I might drown? Heck No. That’s why there are lifeguards and prayer. Plus everyone told me fat floats. ☺

My scars can’t hold me back any longer. I must enjoy my life. Life is too short, and we all know it. It is up to YOU to do something about it. Don't regret your past and worry about your future. Be happy that God gave you a chance to live and enjoy the present. I know I am. My scars are beautiful! You may not like them, but that is why they are on me and not on you. I can handle them.

These pictures are from my last surgery to make my scars less visible. It was a failure!! After the stitches came off, they began to keloid. This caused me to have to get steroid injections in my face to make them go down.

Pre Surgery
Date is wrong. I want to say June of 2006
Post Surgery
(With the DREAD Figaro Lip! Can I lipo that off too JK)
Still there, but beautifully made by God.