Sunday, March 27, 2011

Turn Around.... Or Keep Going?

Riding to church this morning, a train passed me and I began to think. I have always called my weight loss a journey. When this train passed me, I said I want to take a train ride somewhere, anywhere. In North Louisiana, we don’t have any trains that I know of. So I have never seen a train that people board to take from one location to another. It’s normally a train that is carrying materials. So I added to my bucket list, to ride a train.

I took this train ride to another level though.

It’s a journey. It’s a journey that is often not thought of when you are in a rush. It’s SLOW! And this is what clicked in my head and my heart. Anyone who is trying to lose weight knows that it is a slow process. A process that if you continue on It, you will get to be where you want to be.

This past Month when I hit my plateau, it was one of the hardest parts of this journey that I have experienced thus far. Week after week, I worked out, watched what I ate, and the scale seemed to be stuck. I wanted to hop off this train, rent a car, and drive home.

I didn’t care how far I had come.

I didn’t care how hard I had worked.

I didn’t care how much gas I had wasted to the gym and the track.

I didn’t care about how many hours I had wasted working out.

I didn’t care how many calories I had counted.

I didn’t care about anyone who had helped me this far.

I didn’t care about anything.

I was hurt.

I was sad.

I just wanted to quit, get off the train and go home!

What kept me on this train was seeing the people that responded to my journey thus far.

It gave me hope.

It have me courage.

It gave me joy.

I have a deep passion for helping people. So I sat down on this train, going as slow as it was. I pulled out my camera, and I enjoyed the ride.

This journey is not over. I can’t tell you how much longer I will be riding on this train. All I know is that, this journey is changing my life. I’m learning about myself, I’m meeting people, I’m helping people, and I’m smiling bigger.

I can look back as much as I want, but I can’t go back now. After breaking my plateau, the tears fell down my eyes. As I think about how badly I wanted to quit, I smile even bigger knowing that I didn’t end this journey.

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